Measuring the sun's radius

  • The topic of the workshop is Measurement of diameter and circumference of the sun
  • The workshop will be conducted by Astronomy team
  • It is for students from class 10 upto UG level
  • Registration starts on 8 th February till 27th February.
  • The number of attendees will be only 100
  • Essentials for workshop:
    1. If sky is clear ( Sun is present) -
      • Cardboard
      • Aluminium foil
      • Hard board/ clip board
      • Measuring scale/ tape
      • Graph / white paper
    2. If sky is not clear ( Sun is not present) -
      • Cardboard
      • 100 watt bulb
      • 1m flexible wire
      • Holder and plug
      • Aluminium foil
      • Hardboard/Clipboard
      • Measuring scale/Tape
      • Black tap
      • Graph paper /White paper
  • Registered students will be provided e- certificates and much more surprises.
  • Rules

    1. The object of the game is for contestants to talk for sixty seconds on a given subject, without hesitation, repetation or deviation.
    2. There will be some contestants and a some(2 or 3) moderators(judges).
    3. Participants: Undergraduates, Postgraduates and Phd Scholars
      • Round-I:
        • Each of the participants will be provided with a topic(an idea) and they have to speak about it.
        • They will be given points based on the logic behind their statements.
        • After one person speaks, the other participants will be allowed to oppose their statements. If the opposed statement seem more appealing, the original participants loses points and the point will be awarded to the other participant.
      • Round-II:
        • The rules are more or less similar to the first round, apart from the fact that the opposing participants will be alloted time within the given 60 seconds.
        • Suppose a participant is speaking about a certain topic and he/she has spoken for the first 30 seconds, just when an other participant spots an error in his/her statement. He/she presses the buzzer, but now he/she has to speak against the topic within 30 seconds only.
    4. In any case, the decision of the moderator will be considered final.

    Registration Fees

    Registration is Free


    Time: 11 AM onwards
    Date: 28 February 2021
    Moe: Google Meet


    For further Queries Contact:
    Niharanjan Barman
    Phone No: +91 60002 93773
    Udit Ranjan Nath
    Phone No: +91 91015 63445