Physics Workshop

This workshop on Microspectrophotometry, will be a hands on session on handling Microspectrophotometer while viewing different specimens. Microspectrophotometry is a technique that analyzes the absorption and transmission of light by microscopic samples. It allows researchers to study the spectral properties of small or localized areas within a sample. This method is commonly used in various scientific fields, including biology, chemistry, and materials science. By providing detailed information about the composition of micro-sized samples, microspectrophotometry aids in understanding complex materials and biological structures. Its applications range from studying cellular components to analyzing pigments in artworks. Through this workshop students can improve proficiency in sample preparation, data interpretation, and an overall heightened appreciation for spectroscopy applications in various scientific disciplines.


    Each participant will be provided certificate of participation .The workshop will be help for 3 hours with a break and will be held in the Department of Physics.

    NOTE: "Students from Tezpur University are to register offline for the workshops. Online registration would only be considered for outside Tezpur University students."


Registration Fees

Registration fee is Rs. 100/- per Individual/Team.







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