MBBT Departmental Workshop

DNA is the specific code or language that makes up the genome ( complete set of genetic material i.e.DNA).Through DNA to Genome,the visual and structural aspects of DNA would be known and its manifestation in the genome. Demonstration would be shown on why DNA is helical in nature along with right handed, left handed, single and double helix structures and how to make histone which wraps around the DNA. OUTCOME TO BE ACHIEVED BY THE PARTICIPANTS: Through DNA to Genome workshop, one will be able to find out why DNA is helical in nature. Different types of DNA. Histone wrapping


    1. Participants should report 30 min before set time of event ( Reporting time : 8:30 AM) 

    2. Eligibility - Class 11, 12, ug and pg students. 

    3. Participants should maintain order and discipline during the event. 

    NOTE: "Students from Tezpur University are to register offline for the workshops. Online registration would only be considered for outside Tezpur University students."

Registration Fees

Registration fee is Rs. 100/- per Individual.







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