It will be an event where one participant from a team of two will be asked to draw a paper sheet, which will contain a word (related to science). Below that word, there will be a few taboo words (the words that he/she cannot use while explaining the main word to his/her partner). The main aim of the explainer is to help the listener in guessing the word but without using any one of the given taboo words.


  1. There will be two categories:
    • Class 7 to 10
    • Class 11,12 & UG
  2. The participants have to give their names as a duo team while registering. No changes in the team members will be allowed after the registration process. The participants will have to register themselves in the official website of inSCIgnis i.e. www.inscignis.in by registering and enrolling themselves for this event. A confirming email will be sent to each of the duo team from the official email id of Taboo after their successful registration.
  3. There will be two members in each group and the participants can mention their team members at the time of registration.
  4. In the event, one of the member will have to select a paper sheet randomly from a nos. of paper sheets where the main word is written. Also there will be some words (called taboo words) in that sheet itself.
  5. After that he has to explain the main word to his team member without using any one of the taboo words within 90 seconds and the other member has to guess the word.
  6. The team member that will explain the word can use any words, phrase or sentences to explain the word to his member except the taboo words and obviously except the main word.
  7. If the member guesses the word correctly then that group will be awarded with four points.
  8. Using the taboo words (either intentionally or unintentionally) will result in negative marking of 0.5 points (this is only when the other member is able to guess correctly the main word within 90 seconds, otherwise they will be given 0 points).
  9. Any kind of cheating or use of any biased method will result in disqualification of the team.
  10. Top 50% of the groups will be selected to the next round and in the next round two paper sheets will be given to each group and the total points will be evaluated considering the two paper sheets, followed by the same procedure mention earlier, After that the top 3 groupswill be selected.
  11. The participants can participate in the event in both English and Assamese language, i.e. the paper sheet that will be given to the participants will contain the words in both language.
  12. Bonus marking system-
    ● If the team able to finish the game within 30 seconds then a bonus point of 3 will be awarded.
    ● And if the team able to finish the game within 60 seconds then 2 bonus points will be awarded and within 75 seconds of completion will result in 1 bonus point.
    ● Also for a perfect tie, we will allow the teams that got the same points to pick a paper chit once again.

Registration Fees

Registration is Free


Exciting prizes for the winners.

Time & Mode

Mode: Offline

Time: 3.00 PM on 28th February


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Abinash Hazarika
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