An event which focuses on exploring your ideas on the various Paradoxes and hypothesis. Here we present Paradophybate a debate on the scientific paradoxes, where the participants must fight with ideas and words to win the game. It will be an individual event. The event will be for two categories Category A-Class 8-10 Category B-11-UG


     *Rules and Guidelines:* 

    1)The event will be organised in two categories:

      a) 8 to 10 

      b) 11 to ug

    2)The topic would be made known to the participants at the time of registration.

    3)They have to come prepared ,both for the motion and against the motion. 

    4)It would be decided on the day of the event wheather they would debate for or against the motion via lottery. 

    5)A serial list of the participants would be prepared on the basis of the order of registration.

    6)They would be called to put forward their points and arguments according to that list. There would be points alloted for this.

    7)The time limit will be 5 min for each participants.This can be changed on the basis of number of participants.

    8) There will be a general questioning session. Questions will be asked by the judges. 

    Within 30 sec they have to come forward for answering. There will be extra points alloted for that.

    9) The top 3 participants will receive attractive prizes and certificates.


     *Basis of judgement:* 

     The decision of the judges will be the final decision. They will be judged on the basis of the content they deliver, their oratory skills, presentation skills, clarity of thought and confidence.


Registration Fees

You can register for Paradophybate by paying a common registration fee of Rs. 20/- and can participate in any of the Common Registration Event.


Exciting Prizes for the winner.







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