Are you a movie freek or a meme god or a science nerd ?We have bought all (movie+meme+science) together into a fun event where we will create an eRRoR question of a science movie or a meme where there is a hidden science fact/knowledge which you geniuses have to point out within the given time


  1. This is an individual fun event.
  2. Students from undergraduate level can participate
  3. A picture/video quiz based game where a various science related movie clip/ pictures/video will be shown and interesting questions related to the video/picture will be asked like which law of science is obeying/violating or what happens next or where is the error and to rectify it.
  4. Registration starts on 8th February till 27th February.
  5. After the registration (in a day or two) the participants will receive an email from inscigniserror21@gmail.com to their registered email ids or through messages. This will basically contain the detailed schedule, further instructions. Please check your spam too.
  6. Participants must create an account in https://quizizz.com or in the app. (app link :-click here to download the app).

Registration Fees

Registration is Free


Exciting gift hampers for the winner and runner-ups

Time & Mode

Time: 5 PM
Date: 28 February 2021
Mode: Quizziz


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