Equipulaten is a thrilling event that combines mathematics and mystery. Participants have to solve complex equations to uncover hidden.It’s a duo event. participants in each category needs to be EVEN so participants are asked to create a duo group on themselves earlier and then register for the event(individually). This event will consists of three rounds Event categories- 1. Class 8-10 2. 11- UG



    a)This event is consists of 3 rounds -Round 1(INDIVIDUAL): Each participant will have to choose an equation sheet from a bowl

    which they have to manipulate/simplify by using their mathematical knowledge and skills. The

    final simplified result should be something which would be announced during the event. Points

    will be given on correct manipulation. Point deduction for wrong ones.

    The participants would pair up by themselves. Any two participant will always have the same

    result(from first round). The two participants with the same result forms the group. Points would

    be given on who does it first. Point deduction on failure.

    2) Round 2(DUO): In this round, the two participants needs to find link between the hinted

    equations provided and the result from 1st round. Requirement: Mathematical Techniques learnt

    over time academically.

    3)Round 3(DUO): On the hint equation chit, a code name will be written. A member from a team

    needs to match the name in a table provided against which a term in Physics would be written.

    This member needs to make his/her partner understand the term without using the word and

    also some taboo words written alongside. If used, points would be deducted


Registration Fees

You can register for Equipulaten by paying a common registration fee of Rs. 30/- and can participate in any of the Common Registration Event.


Exciting Prizes for the winner.







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