Addicted to the crosswords given in the newspapers?
Mesmerized by the beauty of physics?
What if we tell you that we have combined both of them to give you cross-ics: crossword physics


  1. Open for students from class 8 to 11
  2. Crossics is a cross word puzzle where hints will be given to the participants and hints will be based on some questions related to the Physics domain.
  3. There will be Prelims and Finals.
  4. A maximum of 50 participants will be allowed to take part in the event.
  5. You can participate both in English and Assamese
  6. Registration starts on 8 th February till 24th February.
  7. After the registration (in a day or two) the participants will receive an email from crossicsinscignis@gmail.com to their registered email ids or through messages. This will basically contain the detailed schedule, further instructions. Please check your spam too.

Registration Fees

Registration is Free


Exciting gift hampers for the winner and runner-ups

Time and Mode


Time: 6 PM
Date:25 February
Mode:Google Classroom

Final Round

Time: 6 PM
Date: 27 February 2021
Mode: Google Classroom


For further Queries Contact:
Rashmita Das
Phone No: +91 90854 96182
Akankhya Patangia
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