It is an online doodle art competition. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meanings and keep the artistic mindset alive. This event is open for all. Theme of the event – “An Imaginary World of Sci-Fi” . The event is open for all


  1. Participants have to submit the doodles along with its description (caption) to youdleinscignis@gmail.com . Everyone can participate.
  2. The description (caption) is mandatory.
  3. Maximum 3 entries from an individual are allowed.
  4. You have to submit the doodle along with name, proper address, contact number and institute name (if student).
  5. We will be posting your doodles along with the caption in the Facebook page of inSCIgnis.
  6. Explicit content will not be entertained in this competition
  7. No adult content allowed. The content should be appropriate for all age groups.
  8. The doodle will be judged in 60:40 ratios
    • 60% accounts for the quality of the doodle and the extent to which it matches with the caption and obviously the awesomeness of art.
    • 40% accounts for the reactions, comment and shares on the post of your doodle on the Facebook page of InSCIgnis.
Judgement Criteria :
  1. Top 5 doodles will get prizes. Top 10 participants will get e certificates.
  2. Top 10 doodles will be printed in annual magazine of inSCIgnis.
  3. Last date of submission is 20th February, 2021`. Winner will be announced by 28th February on our official Facebook and Instagram page.
  4. The participants are not allowed to submit the doodle used in the previous year’s Youdle competition.
  5. No prior Registration is required. For more details you can check www.inscignis.in .

Registration Fees

Registration fee is Rs. 0/- per team.


Exciting Prizes for the top 5 winners.


MODE – Online
Entries will the received till 20th February through youdleinscignis@gmail.com


For further Queries Contact:
Parishmita Kalita
Phone No: +91 86385 87186