The first ever quiz of its kind on memes with a flavour of Science. A quiz where, needless to say, questions will be asked. But they will be based off of science memes. A meme is nonetheless an idea, any idea, either jokes, a theme or even a style of communicating. It has become fad over the years. It carries with it culture, practices, symbol and even science. So here, along with answering quizzes, you'll be exposed to the various ideas of science in a fun way.


  1. Students from Class 11 and above can participate
  2. ONLINE SCIENCE MEME QUIZ will be conducted through Google forms. We will upload the questions in Google forms and participants have to submit their answers via Google forms which will later be evaluated by the evaluation team of the event.
  3. There is no participation fee.
  4. Registration will be from 20th January to 25th February on website i.e., www.inscignis.in
  5. After the registration (in a day or two) the participants will receive an email to their registered email ids. This will basically contain the detailed schedule, instructions, and invitation link or code for google classroom. The google forms will be given in the google classroom (or in some cases to their registered emails too.
  6. The Quiz will be conducted in two categories, Final will be conducted separately.
  7. The Quiz will have 2 rounds: Prelims & Finals. Time limit for both the round is 40 minutes. Top 15 will qualify for the finals after the prelims.
  8. Question Pattern (Prelims) :
    • There will be (12 + 1) questions. 12 questions will be of one word/ short descriptive answers type and 1 question will be on meme making (A situation/story will be given based on that participants have to create a meme and upload it).
    • The 12 questions will be of 2 points each and no negative marking. However answers not relevant to the question or not at all close to the topic asked in the question will be awarded 0 points.
    • The meme making question will be of 6 marks and no negative mark for it. (Marks will be given out of 6 depending upon the meme created which should be relatable to the given situation/story)
    • Total points = 15 x 2=30

Note:The question pattern for the FINALS will somewhat follow the similar pattern of prelims & will be known to the participants prior to the finals.

Registration Fees

Registration is Free


Exciting Prizes for the top 3 winners.

Time and Mode

Prelims : 6:30 pm (24th Feb).

Final: 6:30 pm (26th Feb).


For further Queries Contact:
Priyanshu Protim Saikia
Phone No: +91 93658 12796