Categories: The quiz will be held for two categories of students: Category A: For students in classes 8 to 10. Category B: For students in classes 11 and 12. How to Participate: 1. Visit the InSCIgnis website and Register for Sci-QLimbia (Dates for registration and date for the quiz is given below). 2. Use your Name and Email Id to register. 3.Enter the Google classroom Class code : nbjc5kb Class link: https://classroom.google.com/c/NjYzMTkyNDczMjU2?cjc=nbjc5kb Why Sci-QLimbia? Engaging Content: Say goodbye to traditional quizzes and hello to a blend of education and entertainment. No Negative Marking: Take risks, explore new concepts, and learn without fear of penalties. Online Convenience: Participate from the comfort of your home using a simple Google Form. Exciting prizes: Exciting prize waits for the ones who surpass Sci-QLimbia. Important Dates: Quiz Date: 20 February 2024 Winners Announcement: 25 February 2024 Get ready to embark on a scientific journey like never before. Sci-QLimbia awaits you Where science and memes collide, and knowledge is the ultimate prize!


    Enter the Google classroom to participate 

    Class code : nbjc5kb

    Classlink: https://classroom.google.com/c/NjYzMTkyNDczMjU2?cjc=nbjc5kb

    Platform: The quiz will be held on google form which will be given in a google classroom.

    Rounds: Two exciting rounds, each comprising 12 questions

    Domains: Questions drawn from the captivating worlds of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology

    Question Types: Objective questions, including multiple choice questions (MCQ), match the following, multiple selective questions and fill in the blanks, true and false questions etc.

    Scoring: Each question carries 5 points, making each round a total of 60 points.

    No Negative Marking: Fear not, there is no penalty for incorrect answers – embrace the spirit of learning and exploration!

    Selection: The top 15 form the first round will be selected for the second round and the top 3 of the second round will be taken as the winners, also if somebody scores the same score then preference will be given to the one who submitted first.

Registration Fees

Registration is Free


Exciting Prizes for the winner.







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