Online Treasure Hunt

Imagine going out of your doorstep and finding a cross buried in your backyard, you dig and you find treasure worth much more than your effort. What would you do? I will definitely freak out! InSCIgnis 2022 brings you something even more convenient for you, you won’t even have to go out, or dig the ground, just few questions, clues, riddles and a few clicks from your mouse and there you have, your treasure (online). What would you do? I will definitely freak out!


  • The competition is open to all
  • It's an individual event
  • There will be clues given on the official inSCIgnis website (www.inscignis.in) which the participants have to solve to reach the subsequent levels.
  • The competition will be held from 21st to 26th February.
  • No prior registration is required. No participation fees
  • The one reaching first to the treasure will be the winner. So keep trying from the first day itself.

Registration Fees

Registration fee is Rs. 0/- per team.


Prize money for the winner.


Time limit for the whole competition is 6 days i.e. from 21th Feb. to 26th Feb, 2022.


For further Queries Contact:
Adwip Kashyap
Phone No: +91 76380 36104