Code Wars

Do you think you are good at programming? Well InSCIgnis 2022 brings the perfect platform that is giving a chance to all the upcoming programmers, to show off your computing as well as logical programming skills. Taking part in this event will test your computing skills upto the spine. Now impress our programmers sitting over here by completing certain programming tasks and problems given to you, to finally rise up to the top amongst other contestants.


    Rules :

    •  It is an individual event.
    • The competition will be held in Codechef.
    •  Every participant needs to have a Codechef account. To become familiar with the code chef environment it is recommended to do some of their practice problem before the competition starts.
    • There will be 4 questions. A link to the code chef question page will be provided when the competition starts.
    • The questions could be solved in any programming language.
    •  No prior registration is required. No participation fees.

    The event is open for all

Registration Fees

Registration is Free


Prize of Rs.1500/- for the winner.







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