Treasure Hunt Offline

Treasure Hunts are information-based scavenger hunts, or puzzle hunts, in which teams use their collective brainpower to solve clues. Each team is presented with a group of puzzles, or clues, which teams must solve in a given time, in order to find a piece of information. In this year's Treasure Hunt, there will be two rounds that needs to be cleared to find the desired treasure.


    There will be two rounds:

    1. A preliminary round

    2. A clue round

    Description of rounds

    Preliminary round (Aptitude-based test)

    a) In this round, everyone will form a group of 3 members.

    b) Each team will be provided with aptitude questions in the form of a question paper which will contain challenges or riddles in it. The goal is to solve the question paper within the allotted time period.

    c) Top 10 groups will pass the preliminary round based on the criteria- “Who scored the maximum marks”. In case of various groups scoring the same marks, points will be allotted based on the best handwriting and content of the question answered.

    d) NOTE: Remaining groups will be disqualified in this round.

    Clue round/ Hint round (Colour coded)

    a) Top ten teams will enter round two.

    b) Four groups will be formed, namely A, B, C and D where the teams will be allotted in the respective groups.

    c) Group A and B will consist of two teams and Group C and D will consist of 3 teams respectively.

    d) Each team will be provided with a specified coloured badge, same as the piece of paper in the envelope which contains the corresponding clues in it.

    e) Participants would only require to have a general knowledge, understanding and ability to solve the given clues.

    f) Firstly, each team would be given the first clue within the respective group. This clue will lead to the next respective clues in order. In a similar way, each team in each group needs to find all the clues which will lead to the final treasure destination.

    g) Elimination rounds within the specified groups will be ensured, as the number of clues will be reduced in each round after the first round.

    h) After finding each clue, one of the team members should report to the coordinator desk to note the time.

    i) The team that finds the final treasure clue, should return to the department where the hunt began.

    j) The fastest team to reach the final treasure destination will be declared as the winner.


    1. Cheating, stealing, sabotaging, removing hidden items, or breaking the law will result in automatic disqualification as there will be controlled monitoring of the event.

    2. Problem statement is based on the ability to understand, correlate and analyse the clues or hints so as to find the next location and to ultimately find the final treasure.

    Competition Rules

    1. All the clues and hints will be available and accessible within the defined perimeter of university premises.

    2. Never tamper with another team’s treasure. When a team picks up their own team’s treasure at the location, they are asked to leave the other treasures hidden there exactly where they were found. A violation of this rule could cost the team.

    3. If any clues are missing from its right place, respective teams should inform co-coordinators immediately.

    4. All the participants are requested to bring their university ID cards.

    5. Participants must reach the venue 15 mins prior to the competition begins. Latecomers are liable to be disqualified.

    6. Teams can ask for hints only after a certain time but it will cause deduction in points.

    7. Any sort of misbehaviour will not be tolerated and might lead to the disqualification from the hunt.

    8. Additional details will be provided on the day of the event.

    Criteria of Judgement

    1. Points will be allotted for finding a certain number of clues.

    2. Time required to find those clues will have an effect on points to be given.

    3. Team which finds all the clues and final treasure wins the hunt.

    4. Ranking of all the teams will be based on points obtained by each team.

    5. If there is a tie, then a three-questions quick round will be held on spot.

Registration Fees

Registration fee is Rs. 150/- per Individual/Team.


Exciting Prizes for the winner.







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