Offline Treasure Hunt

Date : 28 February 2024 Time : 2:30 pm Venue : Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Only for Tezpur University students 3 members per team Registration : Online and offline Registration fee : Rs 100 per team Prize money : Rs 2000 Mode of conduction : Offline NOTE : "Students from Tezpur University are to register offline for the workshops. Online registration would only be considered for outside Tezpur University students."




    1. All participants are required to form teams and each team will consist of three members.

    2. A question paper consisting of questions related to science, general knowledge, general aptitude and riddles will be provided to each team. The goal is to solve the questions within the allotted time period.

    3. Top 10 teams with the highest scores will be qualified to the next round i.e., the clue round. Remaining teams will be disqualified in this round.

    NOTE : In case of more than one teams obtaining the same scores, selection will be done on the basis of content of answers and handwriting.



    1. Top 10 teams with the highest scores in preliminary round will enter the clue round.

    2. All the teams will be grouped into five groups, namely, A, B, C, D and E. Each group will consist of two teams.

    3. Each team will be provided with a specified coloured badge, same as the piece of paper in the envelope which contains the corresponding clues.

    4. The first clue will be given to each team at the venue where the event will be organised. This clue will lead to the next respective clues in order, hidden in various hunt locations. In this way, each team will be led to the final treasure destination.

    5. Elimination rounds within the specified groups will be ensured as the number of clues will be reduced after the first round.

    6. After finding the clues, one of the team member should report to the coordinator’s desk to note the time.

    7. The team that succeeds in finding the final treasure should return to the department where the hunt began.

    NOTE : Participants would only require to have deduction skills and good understanding ability to solve the clues.



    1. Points will be allotted for each clue found.

    2. Teams can ask for hints after a certain period of time but this will lead to a deduction in total points obtained.

    3. Total points secured will also be determined by the time taken by a team to find a particular clue.

    4. Ranking of all the teams will be based on points obtained by each team.

    5. The fastest team to find all the clues and the final treasure will be declared the winner.

    6. If there is a tie, then a three questions quick round will be held on spot.


    RULES :

    1. All the participants are required to bring their University ID Cards.

    2.Participants must reach the venue 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the event. Latecomers are liable to be disqualified.

    3. Participants are required to bring their own pen and pencil for the preliminary round.

    4. All the clues and hints of the event will be available and accessible within the defined perimeter of the University premises.

    5. Cheating, stealing, sabotaging, removing hidden items or violation of rules will result in immediate disqualification as there will be controlled monitoring of the event.

    6. Anyone found tampering with another team’s clues or treasures will lead to immediate disqualification of the entire team to which the person belongs.

    7. While finding one’s own clues or treasures, if a team comes across clues or treasures that belongs to other teams, they are asked to leave them hidden exactly where they were found. A violation of this rule will lead to disqualification from the event.

    8.If any clues are missing from their right place, respective teams should inform coordinators and co-coordinators immediately.

    9. Any sort of misconduct or violation of rule will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate disqualification from the event.

    10. All decisions made by the organisers will be final and no further complaints or discussions will be entertained in this regard.

    11. Further details will be provided on the day of the event.

Registration Fees

Registration fee is Rs. 100/- per Individual/Team.


Exciting Prizes for the winner.







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