“Genesis out of crisis” is a fictional quiz, presenting hypothetical scenarios or “crises”. With not much time to think, choose the best possible solution presented. May not be the absolutely correct one, but has to be the most realistic one.

Participation Requirement : Knowledge of Science.
Participant’s criteria: From class 8,9 and 10.


  1. Participants shall be given 1min to understand the crises and choose the best presented solution to the crisis from the four following choices. There is only one best solution.
  2. The one who selects the most of the best solution shall be the winner.
  3. There is no correct answer. Only the best one at the present time of the crisis.
  4. Choose the best solution according to you.
The answers will have been examined pre-event and the participants shall be judged based on their alignment of their answers with the evaluated answers beforehand.

Registration Fees

Registration is Free


Exciting prizes for the winners.

Time & Mode

Mode: Offline

Time: 3.00 PM on 28th February


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