Biobonanza is an event where participants are able to express their biology related knowledge and interest. It is a combination of series of mini events which act as rounds and participants have to clear each round to reach the next round facing elimination. There are 2 categories and 3 rounds for each category, which will be played individually.



    1. The participants will have to work individually as all the rounds in each category are played singly.
    2. The participants have to keep in mind that all the rounds are related to the subject biology. The participants have to reach the venue 30 minutes before the competition begins. Any participant reaching after that time will face disqualification.
    • Round 1- Rapid questions: The participants will have to answer some rapid questions which will be presented before them after a gap of 45 seconds. But if a 39 participant answer the question before any other then eventually next question will be presented.
    • Round 2- Connection: Some images will be presented for 1 minute. The participants have to connect those images and figure out the scientific term with the help of those images.
    • Round 3- Riddle: The participants have to solve the riddle in the final round


    1. For each answer in the first two rounds 5 points will be awarded.
    2. Only for the final riddle round 10 points will be awarded.
    3. First two rounds are elimination rounds based on the number of points the participants achieve.
    4. The participants getting low points shall be eliminated eventually.

Registration Fees

Registration is Free


Exciting Prizes for the winner.







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