Want to test your both your math and logic skills? Well,this inSCIgnis'23 i brings you the new event YOU-doku organized by the Department of Mathematical Sciences where you can check your quizzing, reasoning and mathematical knowledge with the addition of SUDOKU. Create your own sudoku puzzle by answering questions and in the second round of the game solve the SUDOKU within the time limit. I bet you have played sudoku before but never in this way.


    • It is an individual event.

    Round 1:

    1. An empty sudoku puzzle will be provided with few grids having small numbers attached to the corner. These are the questions numbers.
    2. A question paper to be given to the participants with approximately 25 to 30 questions (number and standard of questions will vary based on the category) and along with a rough sheet.
    3. Participants have to find and write the correct answers of the questions to the respective boxes.
    4. Time limit for 1st round will be 45 minutes.
    5. Participants with the correct and complete solved question boxes will go for the 2nd round.

    Round 2:

    1. The same sudoku papers will be provided again.
    2. Solve the puzzle under 30 minutes.
    3. Once done raise your hands and stop the time on your phones or other gadgets.
    4. Submit the sheets with the time count that you took to complete it.


    • Carry your own pens, pencils and rubbers.
    • If no participant gives the right table, then we shall make the 1st round a point-based game.
      1. Each question box will carry 1 point.
      2. Participants to score more than 25 points for 30 questions will go for the 2nd round of games.
    • Bring your own mobile phones (if possible) for the purpose of stopwatch.
    • Based on the time and the correct and complete puzzle, two winners will be declared.


Registration Fees

You can register for YOU-doku by paying a common registration fee of Rs. 20/- and can participate in any of the Common Registration Event.


Exciting Prizes for the winner.







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Rishita Kalita
Phone No: 7002243925