A game of equations where each participant has to frame an equation from the given problem and solve it (or just solve the given equation).The event consists of various levels (or zones) where in each level (excluding the first) the solutions of the equations formed in the previous levels are required. Winners will be decided based on the time taken to solve all equations
Category: For Class 11 and Class 12


  1. Each participant will participate as an individual;
  2. Pen and paper shall be provided in the venue
  3. The game consists of 5 different zones (1, 2, 3 and so on), with each zone having three problems
  4. The problems in each zone leads to an equation which the participants need to solve to get to higher zones
  5. The participant cannot directly jump into higher zones as the solution of preceding zones need to be submitted before getting to next zone
  6. The solution of the final zone i.e. Zone 5 is the final answer. Participants need to get to this to win the game
  7. In case more than one participant is able to clear all the zones, the winner will be decided based on the time taken.If no one is able to clear all the zones, the winner will be decided based on their zone position after completion of allotted time
  8. The top three participants will be selected for winner and runner-up positions

Registration Fees

Registration is Free


Exciting prizes for the winners.

Time and Mode

Mode: Offline

Time: 4.00 pm on 27th February


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