The event is based on Chess related Mathematics theme. It is an individual event and is open for all. The event will be conducted in two different categories and will be of two rounds.QNA round consists of mathematical chess problems following which the participants will play a twisted game of chess.



    1. It is an individual event and is open for all.
    2. The event will be conducted in following two categories:-

    i. Category A will be for the students upto 10th level

    ii. Category B will be for the students of 11th,12th, UG & PG level.

    (PhD scholars can also apply under Category B)

    1. The event will be of two rounds.
    2. Round 1 will be a written question-answer round. There will be 15 questions along with an extra bonus question, following the pattern as given below :-

    No. of Questions

    Assigned Points

    8 (MCQs)

      1           (1×8=8)  

    2 (descriptive)

    3           (3×2=6)

    2 (descriptive)

    4           (4×2=8)

    2 (descriptive)

    5         (5×2=10)

    1 (descriptive)

    8           (8×1=8)

    Bonus Question (optional)

    No Points

    Total = 16


    N.B. i. The questions will be based on the game of chess with the fusion of mathematics. The assigned points will be awarded to an absolutely correct answer only. There will be no partial marking as well as no negative marking for a wrong answer.

           ii. Some questions will be marked as star. The answers for these starred questions will guide you as a hint for the bonus question.

          iii. There will be separate question paper for the MCQs.

    1. The points scored by a participant by answering a question correctly in Round 1 correspond to a particular piece of chess. For example, if a participant answers a question of 4 points correctly,he/she will earn a knight. Following is the list of pieces corresponding to the points:-













    If a participant answers the bonus question correctly, he/she can demand an extra piece (except the Queen) as per his/her wish.

    1. Time alloted in Round 1 is 1 hour (15 minutes+45 minutes). There will be a maximum of 15 minutes for the MCQ part. One can submit the MCQ paper earlier and demand for the paper for the descriptive part. Descriptive part will be of 45 minutes.
    2. The top 4 scorers of Round 1 from each category will be selected for Round 2. In Round 2, the participants will play a twisted tournament of chess only with those pieces which they had earned in Round 1. For example, if you earn 5 pawns, 2 bishops and 1 rook then you will play with these 8 pieces and the King.
    3. The participants will have to arrange their chess boards with their earned pieces separately at the beginning of a game. The arrangement will have to be in such a manner that the pieces (except the King and the pawns) should not be in their natural position. This will give a benefit to the participants with a lesser number of pieces to strategically plan for their game.
    4. Round 2 will be a knock-out tournament of chess game. Each participant will get a maximum time of 5 minutes, set in their respective chess clocks at the beginning of each game. So each game will be of 10 minutes maximum.
    5. The two winners of the semi-final game will compete in the finals. The winner and runners-up for each category will be chosen from these two by the final game.



    If two or more participants secure the same scores in Round 1, priority will be given to the one who is able to solve more starred questions. If the number of starred questions solved is also equal then priority will be given to the one who solves questions of higher points.



Registration Fees

You can register for Chess-é-Matics by paying a common registration fee of Rs. 30/- and can participate in any of the Common Registration Event.


Exciting Prizes for the winner.







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