We know things as they are, as we were taught, as we see and process. But what if things were different for a bit. The magic of these words "what if" can make us imagine things and events that are unusual and full of wonder. What If? is an event that focuses on imagination capability allowing us to visualize a logical conclusion by questioning a hierarchy of assumed facts. This event is all about curiosity and logic.


    What if (Inscignis 23) rules and regulations :


    > It will be a group event and not individual.


    > There will be two significant rounds followed by Bonus and counter rounds.


    Round 1 - It will be a written round. Participants will be given a question. The branch of science from which the question is based on will be as per their choice (physics, chemistry, maths, biology). Marks and Timings are vulnerable to further changes.


    Only top 10 (or how many suitable) participants will proceed to the next round.


    Round 2 - It will be an oral round. This round will be chit based. This time participants cannot choose their favourable branch of science. They will pick up a chit at random containing a question that maybe from any branch (physics, chemistry, maths, biology). Judges will be present (preferably phd scholars).


    Only top 5 (or how many suitable) participants will proceed.


    **Bonus round will be buzzer based. The question will be shown and will be common. A group can buzzer first and answer the question. But if judges finds the answer unfitting, a different team can answer. A team can also raise hand and counter if they think the buzzered team is not speaking correctly. Marks and Timings are yet to be decided.

Registration Fees

Registration fee is Rs. 0/- per Individual/Team.


Exciting Prizes for the winner.







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