TMI is an event where the participants will be shown a video or audio clip containing information, facts, images etc. about various scientific topics. Different question sets will then be given based on the shown clip to be solved within the time limit. The event is being organized by the students of Physics Dept.
Category: Class 8 to 12


  1. Participants will be given to choose chits where clip categories will be given. The video clip for each category will then be shown and corresponding question set will be given to answer within the time limit before moving on to the next category. The highest scorers of each category will be selected for the final round where the same rules will be followed and points will be evaluated based on the answers
  2. This is an Individual Event
  3. It is a memory and concentration based event, so taking written notes is prohibited
  4. Answer sheets should be submitted within the time limit
  5. There should not be any discussions throughout the duration when the video/audio clip is being played
  6. Taking notes in any written form is prohibited
  7. Participants are required to maintain silence while the clip of own or other category is being played
  8. Participants are requested to not overwrite or cross answers numerous times in the answer sheet

Registration Fees

Registration is Free


Exciting prizes for the winner

Time and Mode

Mode- Offline

Time- 10.00 am on 28th February


For further Queries Contact:
Tshandamay Rabha
Phone No: +91 70021 77267