Research Proposal Writing

Research Proposal Writing is an event, intented to give birth to the young scientists in you and also to motivate you to take up general sciences in future. In this event we expect you to write an essay of their scientific researchable idea which you would like to work on, if you become a scientist in 500-1000 words.


  1. No prior Registration is required.
  2. Students from class 9 and 12 can participate only
  3. Students will be expected to write a legitimate essay of their scientific researchable idea which they would like to work on, if they become a Scientist, in 500-1000 words.
  4. The idea can be innovative or an improved version of past research.
  5. Divide the essay in these parts:
    • Origin of the Essay: How did you get the idea of this research idea?

    • The Idea: Here you will write your Research Proposal or idea and how you can carry it out
      (Details not req., not necessary either)
    • Relevance: Here you will write how your idea will help the society, if it comes true.
  6. Proper citations of research paper needs to be provided if information is taken from the same and plagiarism should be prevented.
  7. Topic is open.
  8. Judging will be based on the idea, language, details and originality
  9. Submit your essays to scientificessaywriting@gmail.com
  10. The participants are requested to write the following personal details while sending us:
    • Name
    • Hometown
    • Standard
    • School/College/University
    • Contact number (Whatsapp number optional)
    • Proper address
  11. Give correct personal information with the essays, else if caught will lead to instant disqualification.
  12. You can participate both in English and Assamese

Registration Fees

Registration is Free


Exciting gift hampers for the winner


Submission Starts from 8th February & Last date is 27th February 2021


For further Queries Contact:
Siddhant Saha
Phone No: +91 80115 53169