2020: A Science View

2020: A Science View encompasses some of the events that took much of our attention in 2020. The event is a platform to give your scientific views a voice on these issues and to let your creativity bloom.


  1. The participants can send their artworks, write-ups, videos on any one of the given topic to 2020ascienceview@gmail.com.
  2. Topics are:
    • Beyond Dihing Patkai: If incidents like Dihing Patkai keep happening what will be the consequences from an environmentalist’s point of view.
    • A letter to Corona: How the pandemic has bought a behavioral change in our scientific temperament in our day to day life.
    • What if ? Baghjan inferno: What would have happened if the Baghjan blowout would have occurred in Assam in the 1950s and how the science has evolved today that helped us douse the fire.
  3. It will comprise of two rounds
    • Round 1: Screening
    • Round 2: Presentation
  4. In Screening round -
    • Participants from class 8 and above can participate.
    • After registration they can send their enteries to the mail 2020ascienceview@gmail.com by 25 February 2021.
    • The participants are also open to participate in more than one topic. But for a topic only one submission is allowed.
    • The participants are requested to write the following personal details while sending us:
      • Name
      • Hometown
      • Standard
      • School/College/University
      • Contact number (Whatsapp number optional)
      • Proper address
    • They are also requested to give a suitable name and write a short description explaining their artwork. It is also requested to send a zip file if the file size for their video/pic exceeds more than 25MB.
    • The write-ups must be scanned and sent in pdf format.
    • It will be in bilingual mode. Participants can write either in Assamese or English.
    • The file names must be sent to us in the following format: yourfullname_inscignis21.
    • The results of Screening round will be declared in our website, inscignis facebook’s & instagram page and the participants selected will receive an email from the 2020 team by 25 February 2021.
    • The further details of presentation round will be emailed to selected participants.

Registration Fees

Registration is Free


Exciting cash prizes & gift hampers to be won

Time and Mode


The participants have to send their work to the email 2020ascienceview@gmail.com by 24 February 2021

Presentation Round

Time:5 PM
Date:28 February 2021.
Mode:Google Meet


For further Queries Contact:
Nilotpal Moral
Phone No: +91 73997 98925