This is a fun event where participants scientific knowledge will be tested with a bingo game.Each square of the bingo sheet will contain scientific terminologies. Questions will be in the form of diagrams, riddles. If a terminology in the bingo sheet seems to be the plausible answer to a question it needs to struck off.


    There will be two rounds

    Round 1: A 5×5 square bingo sheet will be provided to the participants.Each square will contains scientific terminology. Questions related to those terminologies will be displayed in a ppt. If a terminology in the bingo sheet seems to be the plausible answer to a question,it needs to struck off. The first one who will strike off five rows, columns or diagonals yells 'bingo'.

    Round 2: The second round will be played in a similar way as the first round except the grid will be 7×7 .



    1. Participants will be given 30 sec to understand a question and find out it's answer .

    2. In order to prevent any sort of cheating,the bingo sheet will contain certain terminologies which will have no related questions.For the same certain questions will be there which will have no answers in the bingo sheet.

    3. The participants have to reach the venue 30 minutes before the competition.

    4. Participants will have to participate individually.

    5.All the participants are requested to bring their valid institutional id proof on the day of the event.

Registration Fees

Registration is Free


Exciting Prizes for the winner.







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