Rubik's Cube

As the name suggests, in this event, the participants have to solve the Rubik's Cube. The event consists of three rounds, the prelims, semi-final and the final round. However, irrespective of rounds, the main objective of the participants is to solve the cube in minimum time. The one who solves the cube faster would be the winner. The event is being organized by the students of Mathematical Sciences Department.


    1.The participants have to register at www.inscignis.in. After the registration (in a day or two) the participants will receive an email to their registered email ids. This will basically contain the detailed schedule, venue and further instructions. 

    2.It is a must that every participant has one’s own Rubik’s Cube (3x3 cube) for the competition. No cube will be provided by the event organizer. 

    3.There will be three rounds – the prelims, semi final and the final.

    4. Each participant will be provided with a scramble in the prelims round . The coordinators will maintain a stopwatch to record the time taken by each individual to solve the scramble.

    5. The TOP 4 participants who will solve the cube in the least time will be selected for the semi final.

    6. In the semi final and final round, the qualified participants will get an individual scramble.

    7.In the semi final round, the first participant will have to compete with the fourth participant and the second with the third. 

    8. The two winners of the semi final round will compete with each other in the finals.The final winner and first runner-up will be chosen from these two. 

    9. The remaining two who lost in the semi final will compete wilth each other and whoever wins will be the second runner up.


Registration Fees

You can register for Rubik's Cube by paying a common registration fee of Rs. 20/- and can participate in any of the Common Registration Event.


Exciting Prizes for the winner.







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