In NERLSE, students have to make models with their own creativity and innovation and these models are then set up for display. It brings the collection of the best science projects/models by the students of various institutions throughout the region. It serves as an excellent platform for knowledge sharing and exploring new possibilities.


    1. Maximum three members per team. 
    2. Maximum three models from one school. 
    3. A team can consist of three members from three different schools also. But there can only be three models from a school at the maximum. In case a team has members from different institutions, then all the team members should bring with them a NOC from their respective heads of their institutions/schools.
    4. Emphasis should be given to cost effective models.
    5. Exhibition will start from 9:00 AM on 27th February at the university playground. 
    6. Both English and Assamese language can be used for explanation. 
    7. The marking will be based on :
      • Creativity and innovation
      • Understanding of the model & it's concept
      • Explanation/ presentationModel( In case of a draw, the model with higher marks in concept will be given preference.) 
    8. Participation certificates will be provided to all joining members. 

Registration Fees

Registration fee is Rs. 100/- per Individual/Team.


Exciting Prizes for the winner.







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Uchakankhi Kashyap
Phone No: 6003056846