This is a display event where chemistry experiments will be displayed in front of the audience, building joy and excitement among them. Experiments which results in coloration or gives magical results will be shown. The event is being organized by the students of Chemical Sciences Dept. This event is open for all.


  1. The event will be held in the community hall. The event is open for all.
  2. The tentative date for the event is 28th February 2022. The time required will be 1 hr approximately.
  3. Viewers will be asked to wear mask and follow all covid protocols.
  4. Members demonstrating the experiments will compulsorily wear safety goggles, shoes and lab coat.
  5. Viewers will be accommodated at a safe distance as venturing near the chemicals can be risky.

Registration Fees

Registration fee is Rs. 0/- per team.


Time and Mode


Time 1.30pm on 28th February


For further Queries Contact:
Jayashree Khanikar
Phone No: +91 80113 84394