Best from Waste

An exciting,open for all,creative competition called best from waste, where participants will be asked to share their innovative ideas to convert waste like plastic bottles, aluminum cans,newspaper etc into useful creation.
Each participant will have to make a project report along with a picture of their creation to given mail.
Graphical drawing ,animations,models,powerpoint ppt,etc everything can be used to demonstrate their ideas.


  1. Anyone can participate.
  2. Participants have to make any useful thing out of the waste product using their creativity skills and make a project report.
  3. Project report should include :
    • Form (name of participants, title of the project, school, address, contact no. and mail id )
      • Name of participants,
      • Title of the project
      • School
      • Address
      • Contact no.
      • Mail Id
    • Contents: Introduction Waste material used Uses of the created thing
    • Pictures
  4. There will be two rounds:
    • Prelims
    • Mains
  5. For the prelims:
    • Students should submit their project report along with a picture (of the created thing and participant) to bestfromwaste019@gmail.com
    • Participants can submit the above things in the form of email to bestfromwaste019@gmail.com
    • Top 5 contestants will be contacted by 26 february for the Mains.
  6. In the Mains: Top 5 selected from prelims should present their created thing on Google meet and may be questioned by judges. Top 3 will be decided by judge.
  7. You can participate both in English and Assamese

Registration Fees

Registration is Free


Exciting gift hampers for winner and runner-up

For prelims:Submission Starts from 8th February & Last date is 25th February 2021


Date:27 February 2021
Mode:Google Meet


For further Queries Contact:
Parthajit Chakravarty
Phone No: +91 86387 55148