Astro Board Game

• There will be a board with some number of blocks, say 30, where each of the 30 numbers will be associated with some common astronomy-related topic /object. On one side of the block, therewillbethenumberandintheotherside,onimageoftheassociatedsubject. • There will be a card for each Team, each having 9 of those 30 numbers, but in a random distribution. Every card will have a different set of random numbers, where the numbers will be between 1 and 30.The numbers will be written on the card in a 3x3 grid format. Every card will be specified with an alphabet. Suppose, card A, Card B etc. After deciding on the specific card for every group coordinator will pin the card up on the board. • The coordinator will have a bag with those numbered blocks and pick one at random. Say 4 is associated with Mars and that is what is picked out. There will be a list of questions for each number (all questions will be on the same difficulty level). All the teams with the number 4 on their cards will be asked those questions one by one. If they manage to answer it, coordinator can cross out that number on their cards. If not, they will have to cancel it from their cards. • As this goes on, numbers will start to get scratched from the card of the participants, creating different patterns like a crossed-out to prowora diagonal or something like that. We can have separate prizes for each of those categories. The final price will be for the one whom an ages to get all the numbers canceled from their card. • It is a group event with 3 participants each team.


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Registration Fees

You can register for Astro Board Game by paying a common registration fee of Rs.30/- and can participate in any of the Common Registration Event.


Prize of Rs.1500/- for the winner.







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