AGRIVENTURE is a general event of inScignis. The aim of this event is to come across innovative ideas regarding agricultural processes for the upliftment of the Agricultural sector of ASSAM, to resolve the issues faced by the farmers, the backbone of our society. This event is particularly targeted at graduate and post-graduate students, who are challenged to come up with their inventive ideas and models for more sustainable and feasible agricultural practices. The winner will be awarded with an attractive cash prize.
This event is for UG & PG students


    Maximum time allotted for each participant (including time for answering questions): 15-20 minutes.
    Participants are asked to choose any ONE of the following topics for their presentation:
  1. Growth techniques for any of the following types of crops-
    • Food Crops
    • Cash Crops
    • Ornamental Plants
    • Tea husbandry
  2. Agro-forestry
  3. Agro-ecosystem: Biodiversity conservation & Response to Climate change
  4. Urban agriculture: Hydroponics, Aquaponics & Aeroponics
  5. Plant disease and Pests- entomological aspects in agriculture
  6. Sustainable agriculture
  7. Agro-economics (Farm management service)
  8. Livestock management for agricultural needs
  9. Smart farming- Usage of drones in modern Farming, Artificial Intelligence in Farming, Hybrid green house/ hoop house, Biosensors.
  10. Agricultural Waste Recycling
  • The participants will be gathered in a room and they will either have models or wall charts with a PPT.
  • The judges will give marks based on certain criteria and the other participants can also question the person who will be delivering his/her presentation.
  • If possible farmers will be called from nearby villages to present their views regarding agricultural practices and the problems faced by them. Individuals interested in knowing about the topics presented can also visit the site so that the participants may present some explanation to them as well.
  • NOTE: It is mandatory for the participants to prepare a PPT Slideshow; additionally, they must choose between creating a model or a wall chart.
    Each of the below-listed criteria will be awarded the needful marks out of 10:
    1. How effective the models/ wall charts are at communicating the essence of the presentation (10)
    2. How well are the public-speaking abilities of the presenter (10)
    3. How factually correct the presentation is (10)
    4. How INNOVATIVE and original the presentation idea is (10)
    5. How well the presenter answers the questions thrown at them (10)
    The participant with most marks out of 50 will be declared as the winner. This programme aims to bring up-and-coming ideas in the field of agriculture into limelight so that the farmers can adopt methods that are better-suited and more profitable for the environment.

    Registration Fees

    Registration is Free


    Prize money will be there for top 2


  • Mode : Offline
  • Time : 10 am onwards
  • Date : 28th February
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    For further Queries Contact:
    Disha Chakroborty
    Phone No: +91 87941 53138