Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

The Department of Environmental Science is organising multiple events which we believe will help students get up close and personal with our surroundings. This event will give them a platform to the students to showcase their creativity while including the message that tells us that we all belong to the one family and we should contribute to the make the environment healthy. This event is open for all schools, colleges and university students.


    ▪️Pen down your thoughts, brush your imagination and give a theme to the white paper. Create your own design and the white turns into your hues of thoughts.

    There will be three competitions

    A. Poster making

    B. Slogan writing

    C. Painting 

    Rules and Regulations

    ▪️1. It is an individual competition. Participants registered as an individual not as a group.

    ▪️2.The competition is open for the students from class 8 to UG level.

    ▪️3.Each participant will be provided with an A3 size drawing paper. 

    ▪️4. Participants should bring their own drawing and painting tools.

    ▪️5. Make poster/slogans/painting by choosing only one topic from the given list of topics.

    ▪️6.Each participant will get 2 hours to complete their poster/painting.

    ▪️7.Judgement criterion shall be on creativity, design, clarity, content and elements present.

    ▪️8. Topics for the three competitions are the same. One participant can choose only one topic during the competition.

    Topics -

    1.Environment and health

    2.Technology and environment

    3. Urban ecology 

    4. Pollution and climate change. 

    5. Biodiversity loss

    6.Forest Ecosystem

    7.Cleaner and Greener planet

    8.Reduce Reuse Recycle

Registration Fees

Registration is Free


Exciting Prizes for the winner.







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