This event is open for all institutions, schools, colleges and universities . We are here to drive the interest of common people towards mother nature through creative message. Through this event one can display his/her ideas in the form of creativity such as creative writing, art, model making, videography, expressional form of dance, etc. which convey a strong idea, when later after reaching to people can convert it into a proper plan to execute. Our main motive behind is to raise awareness breaking the myths with the help of science.


The topics for the event should be in the form of raw and free flowing of own choices but highlighting the theme “Science beyond myths”. And the topics must be prominent to influence and spread awareness through the act of mentioned programmes.

  1. Entries should be mailed to avartanamprithvi@gmail.com with the topic name, participant's name and category.
    • Ex: Participant's name: _ _ _ _ _
    • Topic: _ _ _ _ _
    • Category: _ _ _ _ _ _ (back to normal, videography, etc)
  2. After the entry, the participants have to send his/ her/ their piece of art in the given link of Telegram group https://t.me/+YFX8Z7yLlgA4M2Nl
    Ex: Save file name as “Participants name_name of the institute_standard /department.pdf /jpeg ".
  3. Last date of the submission is 25th of February, 2022.
  4. They are not allowed to stand and move when the clues are described
  5. Results will be declared by 30th Feb, 2022


1. Back to Normal

  • CREATIVE WRITING : Word limit [ 150 -250 words]
  • STAND UP SPEECH : Video time limit [5 -10 min] and background of the video must be nature.
  • 2.VIODEOGRAPHY: “Tell Your Story Through Your Video”

  • CINEMATIC /REPORTING /VLOGGING - Video time limit [5 -8min]
  • REPORTING/ Vlogs - Ask people about the topic taken, explaining science behind and aware people about the real fact replacing myth.
    Ex: Topic:
    Myth – if we keep on our current path, mother earth will be destroyed and it will be the end of life on the planet.
    Science – It is not mother earth that we should worry about. It is the quality of our own lives. (Likewise any other similar topics)

  • Model making : Display your model in picture or short clip of 2 min with the description attached.
  • Mandela/ Painting/ Journals/ Crafts etc : Minor editing is allowed but extensive manipulation to be strictly avoided. Blurry editing of any photograph is not acceptable.
  • ono Act, Mime Act & expressional dance form or any : Video Time limit [3-4min]
  • Criteria Of Judgement

  • The One who can express the theme and generate awareness influencing the crowd will be selected.
  • Best of 1 will be selected from each three programmes mentioned.
  • Registration Fees

    Registration is Free


    Exciting prizes for the winners

    Time and Mode

    Mode :Online


    For further Queries Contact:
    Mrinmoyee Das
    Phone No: +91 84867 03726