HOPE (Hidden Objects on Planet Earth)

The idea behind HOPE is to actively engage the participants to find objects that is around them (natural surrounding) by clues/questions which will be provided by the host, and present it correctly within a given time. The questions/clues will be strictly Environment based.
Category: HS level & UG level


  • The participants have to turn on their webcam when the game starts.
  • Since the event is online, they may choose any preferable location on their home or surrounding for the event.
  • When the host present the clues, the participants must sit on their seat and listen.
  • They are not allowed to stand and move when the clues are described
  • Every clue will have a fixed time limit.
  • Participants will have to find the clue and present it on their webcam.
  • They must be seated on their seat while presenting their object.
  • There will be 3 rounds:
    • Round 1: There will be three questions, each questions will have 5 min each.
    • Round 2: There will be three questions, each questions will have 10 min each.
    • Round 3: There will be two questions, each questions will have 15 min each.
  • The questions difficulty level will increase as the Rounds proceeds.
  • The questions/clues will be based on the natural environment.
  • And please be very care while finding the clues on the natural world.
  • **Please ensure your Safety First**

    Criteria Of Judgement

  • Points will be allotted for finding the clues.
  • Time required to find the clues will also have effect on the points.
  • But importance will be given to fine the correct and reasonable objects.
  • Ranking will be done based on the points obtained on every round.
  • In case, there is tie between participants, tie breaker rounds will be introduced.
  • Any sort of misbehaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Registration Fees

    Registration is Free


    Exciting prizes for the winners

    Time and Mode



    For further Queries Contact:
    Piyush Bora
    Phone No: +91 84738 52534