Ever wondered about all the “condensed” form of information crammed up in that chart aka “The Periodic Table” consisting of 118 distinct elements, can’t put your elemental knowledge to use or wanna learn the ropes to the world of chemical knowledges? Here’s, QuestO’ Chem, a fun filled, stimulating game bundled up with some of the exciting facts & trivia revolving around the mind-boggling “World of Chemicals” all awaiting to be unlocked by your knowledge on elements!!!



    It will be conducted in three rounds:

    Round 1:

      ● Guess your compound:: Random pictures will be shown and the participants have to guess the name of the compound based on those pictures.

      ● Met-o-flaws:: Questions based on exceptions in chemistry will be asked.

    Total time : 15 min(10 min+5 min)

    Total questions : 20(10 each level).

    Round 2:

      ● Ace's arcade:: A quiz based on one’s memory that will be played with a deck of cards provided to all the participants.

    Total time : 15 mins

    Total questions: 10

    Round 3:

      ● Riddle your hurdle:: It will be a rapid fire quiz where questions will be in the form of some pictures or riddles.

    Total time:10 min

    Total questions: 10


    Marking scheme:

    Round 1:

      🂡 Guess the compound:: Each correct element name : +2

                                                  Each correct answer: +2

      🂡 For all other levels the marking scheme is +3 for correct answer and -1 or wrong answer


      1. Only top 50% scorers will be selected for Round 2 and the same process will be applicable for selection of participants in Round 3.

      2. Time is an important factor in both rounds 2 and 3.

      3. Winners will be selected on the basis of total scores in all the three rounds.

    Tie breaking: 

      ●Rapid fire quiz.

Registration Fees

You can register for QUESTO'CHEM by paying a common registration fee of Rs. 20/- and can participate in any of the Common Registration Event.


Exciting Prizes for the winner.







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