This is an event organised by the department of Chemical Sciences. Just like the name suggests, chemistry and mystery will be interlinked.Basically participants will be provided with a crime scene and there will be the same plot from the first level itself. As the level advances, the mystery will be more complex, thus difficult to untangle. Participants will be from class 9th-12th .


There will be 4 levels in the event.

  1. Level 1: It will be conducted in pen paper mode, some questions will be given pertaining to the mystery, and the participants will be given 10mins to answer that
  2. Level 2: For this, the participants will be shown some slides on a projector screen. Some visuals will be depicted and questions will be asked on the basis of that. The time allotted for them to answer is 15 minutes.
  3. Level 3: In this level, an audio clip will be played. After keenly listening to the clip, the participants need to answer some questions. The time duration will be 10 minutes.
  4. Level 4: This is the last level. The climax scene, the participants will be given a live depiction (a set will be created to present a clear idea, to make it more interesting). They will observe the scene carefully and then solve the mystery. Total time for this level is 30 minutes.


  1. In each level, some participants will be eliminated. This will be done on the following criterion- Considering the total number of students to be X, the students proceeding to the next level will be X/2 and then X/4 and so on
  2. Winner will be judged on the basis of the score of the final round
  3. The first and second round, each questionshall carry 2marks and -1 for each wrong answer
  4. For the last 2 levels, each question shall carry 2 marks without any negative marking
In case there are joint winners, the score from the first level to the last will be calculated, and the one with greater score shall be declared as the winner .

Registration Fees

Registration is Free


Exciting prizes for the winners.

Time and Mode

Mode: Offline

Time: 4.00pm on 27th February


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