Treasure Hunt

The event designed especially for the Tezpur University students is none other than the quest to find the treasure within the campus. Follow the clues, do not leave a trail for others and get to the treasure waiting for none other than the one who reaches first. Crack the codes and hunt the treasure. Do you have what it takes to find the treasure? Unleash your fantasy of living an adventure this time on InSCIgnis 2019.


  1. Participants: Tezpur University Students only.
  2. Maximum number of participants per team is 3.
  3. Lone wolves are also welcomed
  4. The event consists of two rounds:
    • Round-I: Screening Test (Aptitude and riddle based)
    • Round-II: The Treasure Hunt
  5. The participants will have to find and solve the riddles hidden in various locations in the University
  6. Solving each riddle will lead them to the next location and the solution of the riddles will lead to the treasure.
  7. The first team or player to find the treasure will be the winner

Registration Fees

Rs. 100/- per team


Cash Prize of Rs 1500/- will be awarded to the winners.

Time & Venue

Date: 1st March 2019
Time: 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Venue: Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology


For further Queries
Contact: Saumyadeep Goswami
Phone No: +91 60011 76211