This event consists of quiz rounds but the execution plan is a bit twisted. Here you will be having a partner to participate but he/she will not be allowed to help you. You will be able to excel only if you and your partner can synchronise your thoughts. Come and show the power of Symbiosis this InSCIgnis.


  1. There will be two groups:
    • Group-I: 9th and 10th standard
    • Group-II: 11th and 12th standard
  2. Each team can consist of two members.
  3. There will be 3 quiz rounds:
    • Round-1: General Science Quiz
    • Round-2: Biological Science Riddles.
    • Taglines of Brands
  4. Both the members of the team will have to answer the questions individually without the consent of one another. The combination of their answers will show any one of the six ecological interactions and points will be given as follows:
    Member 1Member 2Type of InteractionPoints
    Correct AnswerCorrect AnswerMutualism+10
    Correct AnswerNo AnswerCommensalism+5
    No AnswerNo AnswerNeutralism0
    Correct AnswerWrong AnswerParasitism-1
    Wrong AnswerNo AnswerAmmensalism-2
    Wrong AnswerWrong AnswerCompetition-3
  5. If a group exhibits the same interaction twice consecutively within a round, then the points in that particular interaction will be multiplied by 4 (Meiosis)
  6. The team with the highest score at the end will be the winner

Registration Fees

Symbeiosis is a Departmental event and there is no separate registration fee.
You can register for departmental events by paying the common registration fee of Rs 20/- and can participate in all of the Departmental Events of Choice.


The winners will be awarded with exciting cash prize.

Time & Venue

Date: 28 February 2019
Time: 10:00 am onwards
Venue: Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology


For further Queries
Contact: Madhurjya Kakoti
Phone No: +91 93658 61774