Spell Bee

Often words are ignored when it comes to science, we replace energy with 'E', Mass with 'm' and a whole smorgasbord of notations to get rid of tedious process of writing the words with 'correct' spellings. But here we are, bringing you the challenge to spell out the most toughest words in Science, correctly or incorrectly totally depends on you. No longer shortcuts to get the job done, we will indeed focus on spelling rather than making life changing equations (although thats the main part, but dont bother).


  1. Spell Bee is a solo event
  2. It will consists of two rounds
    • Round I: Prelims: Participants will be asked to write doen a few words. Top 10 participants with the highest score (with maximum correct spellings) will be selected for the finals.
    • Round II:
      • The finalists will be asked to spell the spellings of words given to them one by one.
      • The top 3 participants will be given a rapid fire round of 60 secs. Participantswithhighest number of correct spellings will be the winners.
  3. Additional rules will be given during the competition.

Registration Fees

Registration fee for Spell Bee comes under the common registration fee.
You can register for Spell Bee by paying the common registration fee of Rs 20/- and can participate in all of the event that comes under the common registration fee of choice


  • 1st Prize:- Rs 5000

  • 2nd Prize:- Rs 3000

  • 3rd Prize:- Rs 2000

Time & Venue

Time: From 3:00 pm
Date: 28 February 2019
Venue: Department of Mathematical Sciences


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Jyotishman Sarma
Phone No: +91 81360 86056