Robomaniax 1.1

The workshop will contain 2 Projects, that will be conducted in three major parts :

  1. Components Usage, Description and Advantages.
  2. Schematic and Circuit Design with Prototyping.
  3. Product Finalization, Demonstration and Elaboration of the Working Model. Clearance of the Industry Usage of the Idea.

Clause: Participants enrolling in the Robotics Workshops will be directly promoted to the knockout rounds of the tournament (The escalation is done on a random pick and choose basis, and team selection has not part on the Tabular of Point dependence)

  1. The teams would be carrying 4 Members each, (provided with fully equipped bots for the proper conduct of the game, with prior testing and certification of an injury free and hazard free tournament.)
  2. Size of the Team: The size of the soccer robot team consists of 4 Members and 2 Bots each. Smart phones should be carried, Software’s for access will be provided for henceforth communication.
  3. Robot Control: Controlling of the Robot using the remote is not permitted, but with Smart phones with unique controls for the different unmanned Bots.
  4. Experience: The Teamwork strategy in the involvement of this effort would basically lead budding young students to seek the skill in this subject through thorough detailed movement and judgment of the situation. The mental stability and sustainability of the match will be based totally on the coordination, confidence and the course of the conduct.
  5. Commercial Soccer Robots: Commercial soccer robots will not be accepted. Trust on the Bots, You just need to make them score!
  6. Knockout Qualification: Here are no certain boundaries/limits on the maximum number of enrollments as a team, but the setup of the whole Table will be done post the lottery judgment and proper fuelling to the chart. The last entry for the RoboSoccer tournament will be entertained till 11:59:59 P.M. 28-February2019.
  7. Regulations:
    1. The match regulations will be followed under the Rules and Regulations sheet (will be sent separately) and will be displayed and referred to the participants prior to game play
    2. Any team bringing down the barrier and breaking the rules might be expelled from the tournament (we generally don’t break hearts, but we’re sorry we don’t break rules too!)


  1. Theme:- Open (doodle anything you wish to).
  2. Participants will have o submit the work which are completly original along with its description to
  3. You can submit more than one entry but make sure you are submitting with your name and address.
  4. We will be posting your doodles along with the description in the form of caption provided by you in the Facebook page of InSCIgnis.
  5. The doodles will be judged in 60:40 basis
  6. 60% accounts for the quality of the doodle which will be judged according to the descriptionin the form of a caption provided by you in the extent to which it matches with the doodle and obviously the awesomeness of the art.
  7. 40% accounts for the shares and reactions on the post of your doodle on the Facebook page of InSCIgnis.

Registration Fees

The Registration fee is Rs 100/-


Top 5 doodlers will get exciting gift hampers and their doodles will be printed in our annual "SOUVENIR 2019" of InSCIgnis
Winner will be announced on 20th February 2019 on our official Facebook Page.

Time & Venue

Time and date: 1st March, 10:30 am onwards
Venue: Seminar Hall, Department of Chemical Sciences


For further Queries Contact:
Jyotishpal Deka
Phone No: +91 87539 24193