Robomaniax 1.0

The workshop will contain 2 Projects, that will be conducted in three major parts :

  1. Components Usage, Description and Advantages.
  2. Schematic and Circuit Design with Prototyping.
  3. Product Finalization, Demonstration and Elaboration of the Working Model. Clearance of the Industry Usage of the Idea.

Projector Based Analytical and Skill training on Most Efficient Structures/ Methods of engulfing into Robotics providing Segmentation in most of the widespread network of Autonomous Bots/Gesture Controlled/ Home Automation/ Sensors/ Voice Controlled Bots/ Weather, Health and Data Status etc.
Participating Candidates will be asked to showcase their assembly, presentation and explanatory skills to demonstrate the working of any Bot according to their choice. (We will provide them with the commendable components, Hardware and Software for the product build.)
After A Successful Workshop, the Certification and Grading of the Display will be presented to the Candidates post discussion and judiciary panel authorization.


  1. Theme:- Open (doodle anything you wish to).
  2. Participants will have o submit the work which are completly original along with its description to
  3. You can submit more than one entry but make sure you are submitting with your name and address.
  4. We will be posting your doodles along with the description in the form of caption provided by you in the Facebook page of InSCIgnis.
  5. The doodles will be judged in 60:40 basis
  6. 60% accounts for the quality of the doodle which will be judged according to the descriptionin the form of a caption provided by you in the extent to which it matches with the doodle and obviously the awesomeness of the art.
  7. 40% accounts for the shares and reactions on the post of your doodle on the Facebook page of InSCIgnis.

Registration Fees

The Registration fee is Rs 100/-


Top 5 doodlers will get exciting gift hampers and their doodles will be printed in our annual "SOUVENIR 2019" of InSCIgnis
Winner will be announced on 20th February 2019 on our official Facebook Page.

Time & Venue

Time and date: 28th February, 10:30 am onwards
Venue: Seminar Hall, Department of EVS


For further Queries Contact:
Jyotishpal Deka
Phone No: +91 87539 24193