Imagine going out of your doorstep and finding a cross buried in your backyard, you dig and you find treasure worth much more than your effort. What would you do? I will definitely freak out!
InSCIgnis’19 brings you something even more convenient for you, you won’t even have to go out, or dig the ground, just few questions, clues, riddles and a few clicks from your mouse and there you have, your treasure (online). What would you do? I will definitely freak out!

Event has started


  • There are no rules
  • Do anything you can to find the treasure
  • A link will be provided on our website which will lead you through various other links containing clues.
  • The first person to get to the treasure will be rewarded with exciting Cash prizes.

Registration Fees

Registration is free


Exciting Cash prizes to be won..

Date & Time

Date: 24 February
Time: 2:00 pm onwards


For further Queries
Contact: Ritik Pal
Phone No: +91 70866 89796