Molecular Modelling

Let's explore the periodic table having some fun.
Let's get to know the elements by playing some games.
Let us get to the molecules through some exciting riddles and quizzes and play with the molecules.


  1. It is a duo event.
  2. It will be conducted in two categories:
    • Category-I: 9th and 10th standard.
    • Category-II: 11th and 12th standard.
  3. The participants will be given some props using which they will have to prepare some molecular models.
  4. There will be three levels:
    • Level-I: Solve riddles to identify the elements from the periodic table.
    • Level-II: A quick round consisting of questions that will lead to the final molecule.
    • Level-III: Model making

Registration Fees

>Molecular Modelling is a Departmental event and there is no separate registration fee.
You can register for departmental events by paying the common registration fee of Rs 20/- and can participate in all of the Departmental Events of Choice.


  • 1st Prize:- Rs 5000

  • 2nd Prize:- Rs 3000

  • 3rd Prize:- Rs 2000

Time & Venue

Time: 11:00 am onwards
Date: 28 February 2019
Venue: Department of Chemical Sciences


For further Queries
Contact: Mustaque Ansari
Phone No: +91 84020 65233