This is basically what you get after combining Mine-sweeper with Sudoku. Players has to track the possible position of the bombs hidden in the tiles with the help of the clues given.

How to Play

A 9x9 box is given which is divided into 9 equal 3x3 boxes, as shown below. Mines are hidden in the 1x1 cell. You have to find the possible positions of the mine with the help of the clue.

Each 3x3 box contains a number. The number represent the number of mines in the given 3x3 box as well as the number of mines in the same row and column. As shown below, the number 3 in the black coloured box represents 3 mines (represented by X) in the same row, column and the corresponding 3x3 box. The total number of mines will be given. Using these numbers you will have to track the possible position of the mines.

For example:
You will be given question as shown below. In this question you have to arrange 19 mines on the grid according to the clue.

This is one of the possible position of the mines.


  1. Three sets of Mine-doku will be given to every player.
  2. The First one to correctly solve all the sets will become the winner.
  3. If no-one manages to solve all the three set, the one who solve the maximum sets will win.
  4. If no one manages to solve any of the sets, game will be judge on the basis of score.
  5. The score you earn is the ratio of number of correctly placed mine to the time taken in seconds.

Registration Fees

>Mine-doku is a Departmental event and there is no separate registration fee.
You can register for departmental events by paying the common registration fee of Rs 20/- and can participate in all of the Departmental Events of Choice.


  • 1st Prize:- Rs 5000

  • 2nd Prize:- Rs 3000

  • 3rd Prize:- Rs 2000

Time & Venue

Time: 9:30 am to 10:30 am
Date: 28 February 2019
Venue: Department of Mathematics


For further Queries
Contact: Mridupaban Barman
Phone No: +91 98765 43210