Bacterial DNA Isolation for Colony PCR

The workshop mainly aims at giving an exposure to the students in the field of Modern Microbiology. Participants will be shown how Bacterial DNA is isolated for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).


  1. Participants: From 7th to 12th standard
  2. It consists of 3 rounds
    • Round-I:
      Logical question round.
      There will be 10 questions.
      Time duration: 15 minutes.
    • Round-II:
      The game will start with 1 and will continue with natural numbers. A number will be selected and the participants will have to skip the number and its multiple by the given fixed words. One who will fail to do so will be eliminated.
    • Round-III:
      One of the participants will be blindfolded and the partner will assist him/her through the given task

Registration Fees

Registration fee is Rs 50/-


  • 1st Prize:- Rs 5000
  • 2nd Prize:- Rs 3000
  • 3rd Prize:- Rs 2000

Time & Venue

Time and Date: 1st March, 10:30 am onwards
Venue: Department of MBBT


For further Queries
Contact: Jyotishpal Deka
Phone No: +91 87539 24193