You always had the dream of painting masterpieces but life was harsh enough to not provide you with hands, your friend could paint the masterpiece for you but life was cruel enough to not give her vision.
What would you do?
Describe to your friend whatever you see and leave him/her to paint with the power of your description. Inscignis presents Blind Art for someone with amazing describing skills pairing with someone who could draw it for you blindfolded since your hands will be tied and only your understanding and cooperation could give you the result you need. Happy Teamwork!


  1. Blind-Art is a duo game, there must be two participants in the team.
  2. One of the participants will be handcuffed and the other will be blind-folded.
  3. The blind-folded participant has to draw and paint a picture on the given sheet, guided by his/her hand-cuffed partner in a given time limit of about 30 min.
  4. The team which makes the accurate picture wins the prize.
  5. The given picture will be related to the environment.
  6. Participants must bring their own stationery, however, sheets will be provided.
  7. It is a fun filled educational event.
  8. The event is open for all.

Registration Fees

Registration is free.


Exciting Prizes for the winners.

Time & Venue

Date: 28 February & 1 March
Time: 11:00 am onwards
Venue: Community Hall


For further Queries
Contact: Sonam Das
Phone No:+91 70027 22323